Hen Party Dance Class with Studio Hire (1.5 Hours) Deposit


Best activity for any Hen Party Weekend. A fun 1.5 hour hen party dance class (with studio hire). If you already have a location/venue, click here.

£21 Per Person*

(*Minimum total fee of £210.00)


This is to pay the £63 deposit to secure your class. You will be asked to pay the balance once numbers are confirmed.

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This is for a 1.5 hour Hen Party Dance Class with Studio Hire in an area of your choice, anywhere in the UK. We hire the venue/studio on your behalf.

£21 Per Person*

(*Minimum total fee of £210.00)

Paying the balance

You pay the £63 deposit now (equivalent to 3 Participants). Once your dance class and numbers are confirmed you’ll pay the balance.

If you have a location already in mind that we can come to then please choose this product instead: 1.5 hour Hen Party Dance Class at Your Location.

What happens?

In this fun dance class, we’ll create a Hen Party Dance Routine for you to any song you choose.

  • You choose the song.
  • Popular songs include tracks by Beyoncé, Rhianna, Grease, Fame, Pussycat Dolls to name a few.
    Hen Party Dance Song ideas
  • How about a routine from a film? Flash Dance, Fame, Grease… etc. You choose and we will replicate it.
  • You choose the date & time, we find and book the studio
  • We can bring the music and a portable sound system
  • Our dance teacher/choreographer will be ready to create an awesome fun routine suitable for the whole hen party.